April 29th, 2021

Conservative MPP who opposed creation of Greenbelt appointed head of Greenbelt by Doug Ford

QUEEN’S PARK — In a fresh battle of Doug Ford’s ongoing war on the Greenbelt, he’s appointed Norm Sterling as Chair of the Greenbelt Council – a former PC MPP and Cabinet Minister who voted against creation of the Greenbelt:

During debate on the creation of the Greenbelt, Sterling complained that it would be too hard to take land out of the Greenbelt:

“The other part of the legislation I read that is troubling is a clause in here that says, if there is amendment after the plan is put down, the total area can't reduce in size. When you're painting such a wide swath of land, quite frankly, the loss of a couple of thousand hectares is not that significant.”
Nov. 16, 2004

Sterling also said “science” should be challenged.

“I really feel this Greenbelt legislation is insensitive to the public in terms of their ability to challenge whatever ‘science’ may be put forward here, or not….This is a failed policy in this government at this time.”
Feb. 25, 2005

Sandy Shaw, NDP Environment critic, blasted the appointment.

“Putting the fox in charge of the henhouse is classic Doug Ford,” said Shaw. “Time and time again Ford has been busted trying to pave the Greenbelt as a favour to his donors. Ontarians have a right to be worried about this appointment.”

Sterling replaces David Crombie, the former Greenbelt Council chair who resigned in protest of a Ford government plan to gut environmental protections in the province.