November 20th, 2020

Doug Ford responsible for lockdown: NDP

Ford ignored public health recommendations and refused to invest in protections

QUEEN’S PARK — Peel and Toronto are heading into a lockdown because Doug Ford tried to save a buck by cancelling public health measures too soon, ignoring public health advice, and refusing to expand COVID testing and contact tracing, said NDP Deputy Leader Sara Singh, who is calling for direct, concrete financial help for businesses and workers impacted by the lockdown.

“Doug Ford was warned over and over again that this is where the province was headed if he continued to nix public health protections. He didn’t invest in testing and contact tracing. He didn’t invest in smaller class sizes. He didn’t protect long-term care homes,” said Singh.

“Essential workers in Brampton, Scarborough and throughout Toronto still don’t have the help they need to stay home when they’re sick. Ford isn’t adding more COVID-19 testing for hotspots like Brampton, Scarborough, North Etobicoke or the Northwest corner of Toronto. He’s not fixing the serious contact tracing shortages we have. And he’s not shrinking class sizes.”

Singh also demanded direct financial supports for businesses and workers impacted.

“For thousands of small businesses already closed, it’s too late. For all those now facing a second lockdown, a tax credit next year won’t help a company that goes out of business next week.”

“If Mr. Ford continues trying to do this on the cheap, businesses will fail and we will all suffer through this pandemic longer.”

Singh and the NDP are calling for more investments in testing centres, contact tracing, paid sick days for workers, and smaller class sizes, urgently.