December 3rd, 2020

Financial support for small biz could save Kensington: NDP

QUEEN’S PARK — In response to the Kensington Business Improvement Association’s announcement today listing 21 businesses that have closed during the pandemic, University—Rosedale MPP Jessica Bell issued the following statement:

“Kensington has been grappling with an opioid crisis, skyrocketing commercial rents, the encroachment of big box stores, and now a devastating pandemic forcing businesses to close, costing jobs and leaving people in crisis.

It’s devastating because it was preventable.

Premier Doug Ford must to do more to help the small businesses in Kensington and across Ontario survive this pandemic. He has refused to spend the money to help.

The NDP’s Save Main Street plan includes a ban on all commercial evictions, a 75 per cent commercial rent subsidy, sick days for all workers, a fund to help businesses with safe-reopening costs or remote-work set-up costs, and more. That plan could save Kensington jobs, Kensington businesses and Kensington’s unique spirit.”