July 30th, 2021

NDP calls for ongoing community consultations as Ontario Place development takes shape

TORONTO — Spadina—Fort York MPP Chris Glover responded to the Doug Ford government awarding contracts to three corporations to redevelop Ontario Place, stressing that meaningful, consistent community consultations are critical, and the publicly owned site must remain accessible to all Ontarians:

"Ontario Place is an important heritage site that holds special significance for many Ontarians — and its redevelopment must be a project that includes the views, concerns, thoughts and dreams of the owners of this precious spot, the people of Ontario.

The Ford government has shown a disregard in consulting with communities — here in the neighborhood or around the province — on changes to this vital public site. Consultations with the public should have happened before decisions were made, not only after.

This must change now. It is thanks to the committed advocacy of groups like Ontario Place for All and Future of Ontario Place that historic features like The Cinesphere and Trillium Park will be salvaged.

The NDP will continue to work with community groups to ensure Ontario Place remains accessible and affordable to Ontarians of all ages and income levels. Ontario Place belongs to us all.”